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Dr.Clarence Burt
4 Columbia St.
Warsaw,OH 43844
Phone:(294) 230-9796
Dr.Jeramy Holden
8076 Valley Farms Street
Warsaw,OH 43844
Phone:(431) 930-4261
Dr.Parker Rutledge
698 Coffee Drive
Warsaw,OH 43844
Phone:(886) 708-1181
Dr.Kenny Bentley
67 Highland St.
Warsaw,OH 43844
Phone:(227) 472-5520


My daughter is married since 5 years My daughter is married since 5 years Before this since 4 years she was treated at Thoothukudi We used to consult her there with s But we didnt get any success with them everything was coming negative In Bangalore we met Soumya madam She said she will confirm the results in 3 months All results will become positive and not to worry.

We completely cooperated with her treatments We completely cooperated with her treatments My daughter followed diet and others very correctly The s used to call and advise my daughter and son in law regarding any suggestions Since we cooperated, in 2 and half months only we got confirmation on my daughters conception. We are very very happy about the results. I was waiting for this for the past 5 years to see this happiness Am a nurse. I have told everyone about this treatment and .

Am very very happy Am very very happy Thank you so so much Soumya.

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