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Dr.Brant Wiley
32 E. Wakehurst St.
Ettrick,WI 54627
Phone:(157) 958-8806
Dr.Garfield Briggs
7544 Poor House St.
Ettrick,WI 54627
Phone:(421) 655-4551
Dr.Eusebio Swanson
91 Briarwood Street
Ettrick,WI 54627
Phone:(769) 788-4895
Dr.Billy Knowles
595 Saxton Street
Ettrick,WI 54627
Phone:(979) 966-5948

Cancer Research Now Building a Biobank

Sawyer: This type Sawyer: This type of data set is immensely powerful for asking questions about how normal healthy individual people's genes are regulated, which is the only way to really ask powerful questions about when they're not.

Regulated normally. regulated normally. Vaught: GTEx is the Genotype Tissue Expression project. It's about collecting quot;normalquot; tissues from a number of autopsy patients as well as organ procurement donors to do a series.

Of genomic analyses of genomic analyses that will give the investigators a better idea of what sorts of genomic variations occur in normal tissues. Sawyer: CaHUB is the Cancer Human Biobank, which is a program of the Office of Biorepositories.

And Biospecimen Research. and Biospecimen Research. What we set about to do was to set up a centralized infrastructure actually in place over multiple different biospecimen collection sets that could pull in a highly quality controlled.

Uniform collection uniform collection of biospecimens to support the GTEx mission. And so what's really novel about that is the degree of quality control. I have to say first.

That it all starts that it all starts with our donors. So these are wonderful human beings who have chosen to and their families have agreed to donate their bodies for tissue donation, organ donation,.

And scientific research. and scientific research. And we really can't thank them enough. We work with organ procurement organizations, with tissue donation organizations. Once any organ procurement.

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