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How to Get Pregnant Fast My Top 5 Fertility Tips

Hi, I'm Heidi Brockmyre with Fertility TV,and I know that you want to learn how to get pregnant fast, so I'm going to give you mytop five fertility tips. Let's start with tip number one. Supplements.You need to take some basic supplements to help boost your fertility. You probably knowthat taking a daily prenatal vitamin is one of those supplements. I would suggest thatyou make sure that you have a good quality supplement. They're not all created equally.I know sometimes you want to save money and get the cheap, generic kind, but oftentimesyou could then just be throwing your money down the tubes because your body can't reallyabsorb those nutrients. Not all supplements

are created equally. Make sure you get a goodquality supplement, and I recommend ones that are food based, or there's a lot of researchbehind them, because those are ones that your body is able to absorb the nutrients oftentimesbetter than the other kind. I would also recommend a supplement that hasthe form of folic acid as folate rather than folic acid. Methyl folate. This is importantin the case that your body is unable to absorb folic acid which is for those of you thatmay be positive for MTHFR factor. You can look into that separately. I'm not going togo into that in this tutorial. A lot of the population is actually positive for MTHFR factor, whichmeans that folic acid isn't absorbed properly

into the system and instead turns into homocysteinelevels in our body, which is not good for us, and can cause fertility issues and miscarriage.What you can do is avoid folic acid, but instead take methyl folate. Folate is the form thatyour body is able to absorb. You do want to make sure you're getting that folate, butyou want to get it in a form that's going to be helpful, not harmful. I recommend also taking 1000 milligrams aday of fish oil, and that 500 milligrams of that fish oil be DHA. DHA has been an essentialfatty acid that's been proven to improve egg quality, I'm sorry, embryo quality, for thosethat are going through IVF. It's also good

for building it up in your body because ithelps with the brain development of the baby when you are pregnant. Again, make sure youget good quality fish oil. Also I recommend taking an antioxidant powder. I recommenda green powder or a berry powder that has a lot of food source antioxidants like spinachand so forth. Not a lot of herbs, because you don't know what else those herbs can do,but a lot of food source antioxidant nutrients. Antioxidants clear up free radicals in thebody, which can cause DNA damage. These antioxidants can help with egg quality as well as spermquality. I also recommend for your male partner totake a daily vitamin, fish oils 1000 milligrams,

as well as a daily antioxidant powder. Let's go to tip number two, important testing.What testing should you do? What is most imperative? I would never discourage you to go to your or a reproductive endocrinologist and get a thorough fertility workup. If you'renot ready to take that step, and you still want to try naturally, and you're wonderingdo I need to? Well, one test that could really make the difference is to see if your tubesare open. It's not the most fun test. In short, it's called HSG. They put dye inside yourtubes and do some imaging and make sure that your tubes are open. You just don't want towast a couple of years trying to conceive

only to find out later that you tubes areopen and it wasn't possible. I do think that that's an important test, at least to startwith. Step number three, tip number three, dietaryrecommendations. Increase protein intake. I recommend having protein with your breakfastand protein with every meal. Studies have shown that women that eat higher levels ofprotein and lower levels of carbohydrates are much more likely to get pregnant and havehealthy pregnancies. You want less simple carbs, more protein, make sure you're havinglots of cooked vegetables, and you eat a warm breakfast every day. Don't skip it. Don'tskip meals. Digestion is the foundation of

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