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There are countless songs, books and moviesabout It, and it is believed to be the most powerful force in the universe, but why dowe fall in love? Well firstly the heart has very little to do with our emotions, the realmagic starts in the brain within the limbic system, being in love often creates very intensefeelings of euphoria and excitement and a level of happiness that is can be indescribable.It may not surprise you then that when people have romantic feelings the areas in the brainthat are activated contain chemicals that are responsible for addiction, euphoria anddesire and some of the main chemical players are Dopamine, Oxytocin and serotoninDopamine is released by the hypothalamus a

structure largely responsible for controlof your autonomic nervous system, which regulates body functions that you don't consciouslycontrol like blood pressure and digestion. Dopamine causes you to feel good and helpsto motivate you to pursue your love interest. The increase of dopamine is linked to a decreaseof serotonin, which can affect appetite, some studies have even shown that the levels ofserotonin in a person that is newly in love is comparable to some patients that sufferfrom obsessivecompulsive disorders, which could be one of the reason people are obsessedwith those that they are in love with. Oxytocin and vasopressin are produced in theNucleus accumbens and they strengthen the

bond between two people. Cortisol is alsoincreased which leads to stress and anxiety and explains why some people experience aracing heart and sweaty palms when they see someone they love. the brain of someone thatis in love has a lower threshold in the pleasure centres in the limbic system, meaning it isvery easy for you to feel good, not only that but there is also a decrease in pain sensitivity,this is why people in love are often very happy despite their surroundings and situations.Studies that have been done on Prairie voles show some interesting results, they are oftenhave monogamous relationships, however if the release of Oxytocin and vasopressin areblocked then they become promiscuous. but

if they are injected with these hormones butprevented from mating, they still will continue to be faithful to their partners.There are many proposed explanations as to why we love, babies for example are almostcompletely dependant on external help for a large amount of time, so love has been seenas a way to allow mutual parental support and protection of children, another explanationis that promiscuity has an increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases which canlead to devastating effects such as reduced fertility and damage to the foetus, so loveevolved as a way to allow us to enjoy long term relationships with a partner. But theseare all theories and the truth is despite

love existing throughout our history and inevery culture and age no one really knows why we love, we just know that it's awesome.So do you have any theories as to why we fall in love? leave your answer in the commentsection below and I hope you have a great day!.

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