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Herb Gardening For Beginners Best Herbs For An Organic Garden

Hey guys it's Phil from SmilingGardener and today I wanted to make a tutorial about herb gardening for beginners, before I get intothat if you haven't pick up the 15 Vital Organic Gardening Lessons For Becoming A BetterOrganic Gardener you can do that over on the main page of SmilingGardener and thoseare just lesson when I'm first studying organic gardening I thought were really cooland I still think they're cool so I put them together for you for free. So you canget those for free there. So herb gardening for beginners, what I wasthinking is it its kinda neat to put together what I think maybe three of the best herbfor beginners to start with when they're

putting in a culinary herb garden and I'mactually gonna ask you for help on this because it's really difficult narrowing it down. I have – I don't know maybe 15 to 20 varietyof herbs in my garden and I think most of them are really pretty cool and it was kindatough so what I did is I tried to move in to the shadows here. I tried to come up withsome guidelines to make the decision easier. So the first thing I thought was it be reallygood to start with Perennial for people. Perennials are herbs that you can plant you know plantthem once harvest from them that year and also harvest from them on future years too.They'll keep coming back from you.

And so I have some annuals here or what areannuals at least in my garden where I live that I love like basil is one of my absolutefavorite herbs. I have this bigger leaf basil and this smaller leaf basil, I also have apurple leaf basil over in another bed. You know I have dill right here which is anannual here which is really nice so those are two of my favorite herbs but they'reannuals and I thought well let's stick with perennial herbs that makes a lot more senseto me for beginners. I also wanted herbs that were very easy youknow something like a rosemary. At least where I live it usually has to be brought in, inthe winter coz it usually doesn't like our

harsh winters. So that's a bit of work tobring it in and then you know plants have a tougher tights inside so it can get unhealthyespecially Rosemary in the winter and you got to bring it outside over the spring soits a lot of work so let's stick with things that are easier. I also thought stick with things that arereally useful in the kitchen like I have a couple things like I have a tarragon herewhich is a pretty neat herb I don't find that I need – that I use it that often inthe kitchen. Same with my savoury which I really do lovebut I just don't find that I use it that

often so I think that ok let's stick withherbs that are really useful in the kitchen that we use all the time. And then last I also wanted something that'spretty common, that's easy to find. I stayed away from things that you would direct seed.I just I went for things its good for beginners just go buy them from a garden centre so Iwanted some common herbs. And so with that I think what I'm gonnado is show you coz I want to keep the tutorial shorter. I'll show you one of them and theother two you can go if you're not already in my website I'll put a link down belowyou can go check them out in the website because

I wrote some detail about them what they'reuseful for. So the – let's see, the one here thatI thought would be really useful to start with is chives. So chives are you know veryuseful in the kitchen you can use them raw or cook or you know other kind of things. They're very easy in the garden once youplant them you can kinda forget about them and they'll keep coming back, they'llself seed, they can take a little bit of shade so they're, they're kinda bit easy they'renot quite as medicinal like the other the other two herbs that I put I my site arehavesome nice medicinal purposes. Chives are good

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