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Foods that Improve Cervical Mucus Quality

What are some foods that improve cervicalmucus quality? Water. Drink more water if your cervical mucusis too dry and sticky all the time, and given the modern American caffeine intake, you probablyneed it anyway. That's a given. I'm talking about foodsthat can improve it. Stay away from a lot of those all naturalsupplements that are supposed to improve your fertility. You'd do better to skip douchesand lubricants that affect cervical mucus quality. I know lubricants tend to have the oppositeeffect of improving fertility, though it can

spice up your love life. For some women, taking cough medicine canincrease cervical mucus, but if it contains a decongestant too, you neutralize the effect. I'd have to talk to a pharmacist about that. I do not think they here much about it, sincemost people taking that type of medicine are not thinking about sex. If you want to improveyour fertility, a better way than micromanaging your diet is just eating a healthy one. I know rapid weight loss can throw off yourhormones.

Starve yourself to fit into your old swimsuitor jeans, and you could shut down your fertility for a month. I know not to do that. You could try drinking more orange juice. I'm not sick. No, but if you take a decongestant, it willdry out your cervical mucus. Taking vitamin C or drinking a lot of orange juice is supposedto help it. That's the kind of advice I was lookingfor.

Unfortunately, too many people promoting thattype of advice are trying to sell essential oils and overpriced, over hyped herbals. Like grapeseed oil. If you want to improve your cervical mucusstate and health overall, you'd be better off eating a bunch of grapes. What about trying to alter my diet to getthe pH above 7? If you alter your diet enough to actuallyalter your blood pH, you are not more fertile – you're more likely to die. Just stopusing the scented douches and lubricants,

and you'll improve the pH down there. What if I just stick to primrose oil? It is recommended for everything from osteoporosisto pain to alcoholism, as well as fertility. So don't use it. What about eggs? Do not put raw egg whites in there or eateggs raw in an effort to improve fertility, or you'll go to the thinking it isbad morning sickness when it is really something more dangerous. The last thing I need is getting myself sickwhen trying to get pregnant.

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