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How Does Embryo Transfer in an IVF Cycle Affect Pregnancy Rates

(text on screen): Fertility Authority. Your Most Trusted Source Ask the Experts How does embryo transfer in an IVF cycle impact pregnancy rates? Juergen Eisermann, South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine: Embryo transfer is a technical step that involves various components. It has nothing to do with how we prepare the endometrium or select patients based on their uterine anatomy and so forth. It has something very much to do with onsite, at the moment of having the embryo ready for transfer, doing the best you can in order to get the embryo to where it needs to be in the safest way.

The dynamics of large group practices are such that often one single physician will do all of the transfers at any given day or week or time interval. And one would hope that within the department one could shift the responsibilities towards those that are talented and have the better pregnancy rates, versus leaving those out that, or reducing their volume, or do some other internal adjustment towards those that may not be so good at it. Unfortunately, the criteria as to who gets to decide those things are not always simply established on performance rates alone. The chief of the department versus the director of the department versus somebody with certain background and reputation may be the preferred transferrer based on the patient's request, who may not know, internally,

what is happening in terms of the success rates, based on the transfer alone. The patient has, usually, very little input on that. Because that's not part of any published data of any or; you have to assume, basically, if you go to a program, and multiple physicians are involved, their pregnancy rates are quoted as a group. The question that, as a patient, I would recommend should come up, is, quot;How much importance do you put on the actual embryo transfer? Where do you do the procedure? And who does the procedure? And do you keep track of embryo transfer techniquerelated statistics?quot; One could ask that, as a patient. quot;Do you use ultrasound for embryo transfer?quot;

(text on screen): Fertility Authority. Your Most Trusted Source.

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