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Will I Miscarry With Low HCG Levels

My says my HCG levels are low. WillI miscarry with low hcg levels? In the second and third trimester, HCG levelsoften decrease without any problem. I'm first trimester. Just a couple weeksalong. s used to have no way to predict whois most likely to miscarry; lower HCG levels are a sign of possible pregnancy loss. Bleedingis another. I haven't had any bleeding. Will low HCGlevels make me miscarry? You can have lower HCG levels and have a normalpregnancy. And there are women who miscarry whose HCG levels are normal.

So it is just one sign. Like throwing up andfood cravings. s check HCG and expect it to doubleevery few days in the first trimester. Falling HCG means you've either lost the baby orare about to. They want to check the levels again in a coupledays. Slow rising HCG could mean a miscarriage,but not always. But slow rising HCG could also suggest pregnancy complications likean ectopic pregnancy. I asked for them to do a sonogram, but theysaid the baby is too small to see. Once the can see the baby's heartbeat,the HCG levels matter less, because the baby

has clearly taken root and started growing. But they check HCG later on in the pregnancy. HCG levels max out at 8 weeks along. If youare farther along than that, the levels often drop. My score was between 100 and 200. When the HCG levels drop to close to 100,you're at high risk of miscarriage. He gave me a PVI score, but didn't explainif it means I pass. Though I clearly passed the pregnancy test.

s use the HCG levels and bleeding tocreate a pregnancy viability index score. If the HCG level is high, the PVI score ishigh, so you don't need to worry. What happens if I miscarry? Your HCG levels will go back to normal. Butnormal right now is variable. Before your period is supposed to start, the HCG levelsmay be anywhere from 5 to 500. How does that help me? If your normal level is low, you could havedoubled and tripled to hit 100. But a passing score matters so much, becauseI want this baby.

Get to day 100, and he's definitely a keeper.

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