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Im 16 Weeks Pregnant and Havent Felt the Baby Move

I'm 16 weeks pregnant and haven't felt thebaby move! In a few more weeks, you'll be hoping thebaby settles down so you can go to sleep. I have heard they get more active at night. It is possible you'd feel it laying on yourside late at night, and you just haven't felt it to date because you were asleep when thebaby was awake and kicking. I don't know if you can actually feel a kickat this point. The child is the size of an avocado. You're right that it is more likely to bea swish of fluid than a clear kick or elbow

jab. The embarrassing ones are when you'recertain you felt the baby move and it was really indigestion or gas. I would hate to think I've actually felt thebaby move and mistook it for gas. You could try drinking more water and eatingmore fiber to cure your constipation. I know what constipation feels like. Pregnancy hormones relax tendons so the bodycan expand to accommodate the growing load also make the digestive tract slow down. You'remore likely to have bad gas as well as heart burn.

Heart burn is due to the growing pressureagainst the stomach. Try eating several smaller meals throughoutthe day, and see if you feel the baby move when you know it isn't due to dinner. At least this is something I can do myself. You could go to the and have the check on the baby. The baby may be fine but not big enough to make a dent on your abdomenthat you're expecting to feel. We had a Doppler thing a couple weeks agoto detect the heart beat. They ran it over my stomach.

If you have been rather unfit or gained alot of weight recently, you may not feel the baby move until later. I know fit women tend not to show as early,while super skinny women usually show much sooner. If your body is stretching and growing withmild strains, you may feel muscle twinges or aches of tendons stretching and mistakea movement from the baby for one of those. If the baby did a sharp kick or elbow jab,I don't think I'd mistake it for a muscle strain.

They called the moment you first felt thebaby move definitively the quickening. It traditionally happened between the sixteenthand twentieth weeks. I've heard people say they felt it at weekten. It is almost unheard of for real until week12 or 13, as the uterus extends past the pubic bone. But if they've had several childrenbefore, the uterus extends faster and they have experience knowing what this feels like. This is our first child. Then your best guarantee of feeling the babymove is literally wait, because it traditionally

happened in the next month. And yet people said they felt it a month ago. Every child is unique, and so is every pregnancy.If you're worried, talk to the , but I wouldn't be worried.

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