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Is 10 Days Past Ovulation Too Early to Test for Pregnancy

Is 10 days past ovulation too early to testfor pregnancy? You can start testing as early as you want,but that won't speed up the results. I do not want to start wasting money on pregnancytests sooner than it could show up positive. And that cost really compounds when usingthe early pregnancy tests. Let's say you ovulate on day 14. The earliestthe embryo could reach the uterus and implant is day 20 or day 6 after ovulation. Testing before that point would show a negativeresult. When could it show up positive? The fetus starts putting out the chemicalsignals screaming I'm here at that point,

but the hormones have to go through your bloodto your pee to be picked up by the urine test. I know those hormones double every day ortwo. Let's just say the first day when your bodystarts shifting into bun in the oven mode is not soon enough even for the early pregnancytests. So when is? If you ovulate on day 14 and implant on day20, the earliest in that case it could be 6 days before day 29, AKA 1 of next cycle,so around day 23 on average. The expensive pregnancy tests say as soonas six days before your missed period.

Yes, and that would be day 22 or 23 for mostwomen, around 9 days after their ovulation. But there's a reason they sell those pregnancytests in packs of 3 and 5. So that you do the test one day, it is a maybe,so you do it the next. Assuming you ovulate on day 14, implant onday 20 and it takes another day or two for hormone levels to show up so even a sensitivepregnancy test picks it up, day 10 after ovulation is the earliest you're likely to see a positiveresult. And that's assuming ovulation is not late,the embryo does not take eight days to reach its destination and the pregnancy hormoneramp up is not slower than average.

And assuming you use first of the morningurine that is the strongest and do the test right. Those things are hard to do wrong. They can give a question mark if you testtoo soon, do not use enough urine or do not expose it long enough to get a good result. Failing a pregnancy test should be a jokein and of itself. Test on day 9 after ovulation, and a questionmark is the closest thing you'll get to a right answer unless you're wrong on yourovulation date.

Then I might get a positive result day 10past ovulation. That would be the earliest, and if you don'tget a positive result, test in another day or two because the odds of it being positivethen are better. I might as well wait another week for my periodto be late, because then I can be positive I should use the pregnancy test.

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