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Sam Abdalla discusses The Lister Fertility

The Lister has been in existence since1988 and the the unit has grown to become thelargest IVF unit in the United Kingdom and it provides all aspects of assisted conception and in thatgrows maintain consistency in in terms of the staff that areworking and also in terms of the results the results have been improving throughout the years but mainly because our staff in general isstable

and we try to adopt the stateoftheartand the most uptodate techniques and that's why the Lister despite the fact that we treat older patients with all variety ofproblems we are among the very best in this country allthe aspects of assisted conception be it IVF be it ICSI be it preimplantation genetic screeningvitrification egg freezing all the differentdevelopments in this field

are applied in this unit and we try to beas up to date as possible about that we have not only the largestIVF program but certainly the biggest egg donationprogram in this country and the Lister is renowned for its results on onehand and also for its' egg donation program we do almost onethird of all the egg donationsin the United Kingdom it is the biggest programme.

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