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How to Know Early if Youre Pregnant with Twins

Tell me how to know early if you're pregnantwith twins. I'm assuming IVF wasn't involved; aroundhalf of those sessions result in a multiple birth if they implant multiple embryos. Nope, this is all natural. You'll figure out if you're pregnant withtwins in a few months if more than one kid comes out. I'd like to know a lot sooner than that. You could have a good guess that you'repregnant with multiples if the maternity pants

don't fit on the first trimester size whenyou're in the first trimester. Or you might have gained a lot more weightthan you should. You know you're pregnant with multiplesif you get mistaken for about to drop a load when you're only half way through the pregnancy,and you didn't gain a hundred pounds eating for one point two kids. How can you tell the difference between weightgain and pregnancy? If you look like a rope with a knot in it,you're probably having multiples. If you've swelled up like a Pillsbury dough boy in alldirections, it is weight gain.

I thought there were other ways to know you'repregnant with twins. That's what sonograms are for. They'llsee if there is one embryo or two within two weeks of conception, and they'll be ableto tell you if you're having identical twins or fraternal twins. I've heard s mistake identical twinsfor a singleton. At the first visit, maybe, since they maybe sharing a small sack. However, as they both grow, they won't always be able toline up with the line of sight of the sonogram wand much less hide the growth.

I've seen s do a measuring tape ofthe stomach and say you're X weeks along. If you're pregnant with twins, that'llshow up as a question of “Are you sure you're six weeks along? You look like you're twicethat far.� So that's a way you'll know early. You cannot say you'll have twice as muchmorning sickness if pregnant with twins, but you could use it as twice as much of an excuseto demand favors and favorites. If I eat as much as I'd like saying I'meating for three, I'll look like the dough boy.

At least your breasts won't get three timesas big when pregnant with twins, though the back pain will get worse sooner. You knowyou're carrying multiples when the recommends a belly support thing in your secondtrimester.

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