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Is 8 Days Past Ovulation Too Early to Take a Pregnancy Test

Is 8 days past ovulation too early to takea pregnancy test? You can take a pregnancy test at any time. The test is invalid if you take it too soon. Or it gives a false negative because the kidhas not taken root, so to speak, and started chemically screaming that it is there. How soon is too soon? It typically takes a week for the egg to travelfrom the ovary to the uterus. That would be day seven.

It could arrive as early as day five or aslate as day eight. At that point, you can do the pregnancy test. Remember that the hormone produced by theembryo is enough to tell your body not to have a period and prepare for having the baby. That's what the pregnancy test is lookingfor. The early pregnancy tests have about twiceas much sensitivity as the normal ones. That's why you pay more for the early pregnancytests. Should I use one of the early pregnancy tests?

If you use the standard pregnancy tests, eightdays after ovulation is too soon, and day 28 may be too soon. What if I use the early pregnancy tests? They say they can detect the baby as soonas six days before your missed period, day 22 for most women's schedules. That's eight days after ovulation. They say may because it most often won't.The solution is to try the next test tomorrow. Because the baby has not implanted yet.

Or the hormone levels are going up at fiftypercent a day instead of doubling and have not yet reached testable levels. It should show up in a blood test around thattime. Yes, but the pee on pregnancy tests only pickup what goes through your blood to the bladder and out of you, so they do not detect hormonelevels nearly as well as a blood test. Will the blood tests pick it up day eightafter ovulation? In a blood test, it is a maybe. For a standardpee on a stick test, day eight will probably give negative results because you're toosoon unless you're off on the ovulation

date too. I used an ovulation test to know when I wasovulating. I know this is not what you want to hear,but wait a week to get the clearer answer. Like my period not starting. Any pregnancy test will be accurate at thatpoint. Wait until day nine or ten so you do not freakout over a negative result only to find out it was happy news.

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