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Is it Normal to Have a 40 Day Menstrual Cycle

Is it normal to have a 40 day menstrual cycle? The absolute normal cycle is 28 days or fourweeks, in sync with the moon. That's probably where the term menstrualcame from. Normal for a lot of women can be anywherefrom three to six weeks. Six weeks is 36 days. And for some women, that is their normal. I've heard that it is abnormal. It can be a really long cycle that makes conceptiona challenge. If all the pregnancy websites

have sex at day 14 and your long cycle makesit day 21, you may be missing all the action. Guys would see the simplest solution as sexevery night to be sure. Sometimes the long menstrual cycle like thatis a sign of low hormone levels, whether estrogen or progesterone or others would need to bedetermined by a blood test. Other times, it is other hormones out of whack. You state that so scientifically. You could have a long menstrual cycle becauseyour thyroid or pituitary is messing things up.

I know that having an overactive or underactivethyroid can make your period wacky. And at less extreme values, it makes the periodlonger than normal. And you could simply have a long period because the body is waitingfor an ovulation that never happens, gives up and starts the cycle over again. What else can make the period so long? If you conceive early and miscarry shortlyafter implantation, that could be mistaken for a single seven week cycle. As you approachmenopause and the ovaries wind down, you could end up with longer cycles before they stop.

I'm not old enough for menopause. Dieting to an extreme or working out to anextreme can interfere with your hormones. If your body thinks you're starving to death,for example, it shuts down fertility. Lovely. And you'll get longer periods before yousee them stop. Then again, you'll usually see longer periods after you have the babyand while you're breastfeeding, because it is trying to balance feeding this kid andsowing the fields for the next one. Both of those situations are contingent onhaving had a kid, and both of them suppose

things go back to a shorter, normal cycleafter the breastfeeding stops or she's had a few months to recover. Anything over six weeks is unusually long,and if you're worried, talk to the . This is a rather normal question for them,and a lot less embarrassing than asking about whether 50 shades of gray is bad for yourhealth.

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