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Signs You Are Having a Chemical Pregnancy

I want to know the signs you are having achemical pregnancy. A chemical pregnancy is one name for a veryearly miscarriage. Yes, and that's why I'd like the signsof it. Could getting nauseous for a while before my pregnancy mean I'm pregnant? Maybe, or you let your boyfriend make dinner. I want to know why my period was late. Before you assume that the reason your periodwas late due to a chemical pregnancy, look at other reasons that the menstrual cycleis late.

I've heard that the stress of trying toget pregnant can actually make it hard to get pregnant. Yes, and hormone problems like low progesteroneor an off thyroid can interfere with your period. Or cause a miscarriage. The surest sign of a chemical pregnancy istaking a pregnancy test daily, watching it turn positive one day, and then no longerbe a couple days later. I've heard pregnancy tests can be wrong.

That's why they sell pregnancy tests inthree packs and ten packs. Ten is overkill. Not if you're monitoring your fertility,especially if you suspect a repeat early miscarriages. But the only sure sign is doing a pregnancytest regularly and knowing it was positive before going negative again. So they do not give false positives? That's really rare, especially comparedto false negatives because the urine is diluted or you tested too soon.

I've heard you can get a question mark ona failed pregnancy test. A question mark means that it either didn'tget enough urine to give a result or hormone levels were too low to give an accurate result.The solution is to try a different test the next day. For more accurate results. Giving it an extra day means the growth hormoneswill be fifty percent higher, on average too, so the results should be more accurate andcertain. Unless I miscarried.

Short of blood tests or urine tests, we'rejust down to supposition. Your period could be late due to a social disease, other seriousillness or strict dieting. I've heard of STDs causing heavier periods,but not a delayed one. If your period is a couple days late, it couldbe due to natural variability. If your period is two or three weeks late followed by heavybleeding, that's a sign of early pregnancy loss. Clotting disorders, genetic defects and allkinds of things can be to blame for it, but I do not know why it happened.

At least you know you can get pregnant – buttalk to your about how to make the next stomach bug last nine months.

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