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SECOND OPINION Pituitary Gland Tumor APT Full Episode

(ANNOUNCER)Major funding for Second Opinion is provided by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association;an association of independent, locallyoperated and communitybased Blue Cross and Blue Shieldcompanies, supporting solutions that make safe, quality, affordable healthcare availableto all Americans. Second Opinion is produced in associationwith the University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, New York. (MUSIC) ( Peter Salgo)Welcome to Second Opinion, where you get to

see firsthand how some of the country'sleading healthcare professionals tackle health issues that are important to you. Now each week our studio guests are put onthe spot with medical cases based on real life experiences. And by the end of this program, you're goingto learn the outcome of this week's case and you'll be better able to take chargeof your own healthcare. I'm your host, Peter Salgo, and todayour panel includes our special guest, Gayle Peterson, our Second Opinion primary carephysician, Lisa Harris, Andrea Utz

from Vanderbilt, and Edward Vates fromthe University of Rochester Medical Center. Welcome to all of you. All right, we're going to break with traditiona little bit here because the patient in our case is Patty but we're not going to meetPatty, not just yet. We're going to break format and insteadwe're going to hear from our panelists first. And we're going to meet Patty later on. Gayle you've got quite the story and I didn'twant to wait to share this with everybody. So why don't you begin at the beginning.

(Gayle Peterson)It started when I was about forty. I started with swelled ankles. They didn't do anything for that. They said, you know, just walk more. ( Peter Salgo)And before that you were of normal weight? You were fit? (Gayle Peterson)Yes, exactly. ( Peter Salgo)So then what?

(Gayle Peterson)Swelled ankles. Then my legs started hurting and getting weak. It was hard to walk up a flight of stairs. And then I would also get shortness of breath. ( Peter Salgo)Okay. Hold on right there. Lisa, if she had come to you, in your office,complaining mostly of rapid weight gain, unexplained, what would you do?

( Lisa Harris)Well there would be a couple of things I'd want to know about. What changed in her lifestyle, if she'shad any recent changes in eating habits and sleeping habits, if she'd been eating moresalt, had she traveled recently and most certainly would do some blood work to see what was goingon with her? ( Peter Salgo)Well here she is. As opposed to our usual case you actuallyhave somebody to ask that question. ( Lisa Harris)That's right.

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