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Welcome to health care at home. Today we will talk about PCOD or PCOS. PCOD menas polycystic ovarian disease or PCOS means Polycystic ovarian Syndrome. See, its a kind of hormonal disorder. Here, what actually happens. A cyst full of fluid developed in the ovary. Now,from where this cyst comes from? During ovulation the follicles which couldn't get matured or which couldn't get out of the ovary.

during periods,they convert into the form of cyst. Now,Why these cysts occurs? See, it happens due to hormonal imbalance. And secondly it comes to the daughter from her mother. In a latest research it is found that is is hereditary also. Now a days,its seen that out of 5 every 1 women has this problem. Why? Its main reason is stress Because ,now a days the life we have that is full of stress.

and that is the main reason for you to suffer from PCOD. Now how do you find that you have PCOD or not? I will tell you some symptoms, if you have such symptoms Then you must understand that you might be caught by PCOD. Having irregular periods is the first of all symptom. If your periods are not regular, becoming irregular Then the chances are very high that you may caught by PCOD. Along with this if you are having extra growth of facial hair

Enough of hair are getting gown then you can understand that you have chances to caught by PCOD. If you are getting over weight ,then can have PCOD or if you have Acne. Even that is also the symptom of PCOD. And along with this one more thing is its symptom That is your hair fall That means hair fall of your head hairs, so with this you have chances to have PCOD. Now what you have to do for prevention Firstly stay away from stress you have to do for this

You have to do pranayama Meditiation to stay away from stress. You have to do AnulomaViloma bhramari Pranayama Do both of these pranayama for 15 min. Do Kapal bhaati Kapal bhaati works really wonder in ovarian cyst, it takes the cyst out. If you will do kapal bhaati then you will get rid of ovarian cysts. Along with this you have to improvise your lifestyle You have sleep wake up on time Its necessary to wake up before sunrise

In now a days life style, people awake till2 pm in the night And sleep till 10AM in the morning ,even the sunrise also Due to this reason also, possibilities of having PCOD get increased And suddenly if you have weight increased, as I said. Then its very necessary for you to loose weight. Otherwise, PCOD can create lot of problem for you. To loose weight we have done so many episode, one of our episode is cut belly fat Watch out that episode follow those remedies and loose your weight

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