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Hi, my name is Suzanne, and I wanted to saya great big thank you, to InstantPregnancy . You see, I had trouble to conceiving. Andmy s told me I was infertile. I couldn't believe it, because I never had any healthproblems before. So it was real shock to me and all my family. We've spend thousand ofdollars trying to deal with interfility and I tryed everyting, but nothing ever worked.Until I found this amazing system and decided to give it a try. And after two monts followingthis programm, I couldn't believe what I actually had! A positive pregnancy test! I finallyget pregnant at the age of 36 with my beautiful daughter Anna. So I just wanted to thank InstantPregnancyfor helping me to become a mother, even when

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Best Way to Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

What is the best way to get pregnant withtwins naturally? Why would you want to have twins? Both of the babies we want with just one pregnancy.You get one maternity leave, diapers and toilet training are done at once Twice the college bill, at the same time. How can you have twins naturally? Marry a man with twins in the family, preferablya twin himself. What else?

There are areas of the world where peopleare much more likely to have twins. What is their secret? It is usually a diet heavy in yams that naturallycarry chemicals that mimic estrogen. The women are far more likely to release multiple eggseach cycle. I don't know if I could handle eating yamsall the time. Move to Candido Godoi in Brazil. The villagehas 38 sets of twins out of 80 families, and about 10% of the births are multiples. No, thank you. I'm not even going to Riofor Carnival.

There's not much else you can do naturally,except take fertility drugs. Would that increase the odds of identicaltwins? No, fertility treatments and natural remediesonly increase the odds of fraternal twins. The more eggs, the more likely you are tohave more than one baby. I've seen families with multiple cases oftwins. The trait is usually passed through the woman'sside, and a family with twins has two people to pass it on. And identical twins are waymore likely to be female, carrying the trait forward another generation.

What else could up my age of twins? The odds of multiples goes up with age, tooffset the decline in egg quality. So my best bet to have twins is eat lots ofyams, or move Or wait until you're 38 and hope your ovariesspit out two eggs to offset your old age. I'd rather not take the risk of my eggsbeing over easy or overdone.

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