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5 MustKnow Facts about PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is probablythe most common health topic request that I get here at Stuff Mom Never Told You soit's high time I'm making a tutorial about it. First up let's just define what PolycysticOvarian Syndrome is and the kind of symptoms that it produces. Simply put polycystic ovariansyndrome is a metabolic disorder resulting in hormone imbalances that create a varietyof both internal and externally visible symptoms. It's diagnosis is dependent on something calledthe Rotterdam Criteria a patient has to exhibit two out of three of the following conditions.Elevated levels of androgens or male sex hormones which could result in symptoms such as excessivehairiness, acne andor male pattern balding.

The absence or irregularity of menstrual cycleswhich may or may not be accompanied intermittent, prolonged, heavy periods. A doze or more pearllike follicular cysts on the ovaries. PCOS can also lead to additional physical symptomssuch as infertility, obesity, an elevated risk for diabetes, heart disease and uterinecancer as well as psychological symptoms like anxiety, depression and eating disorders.In other words, PCOS is no fun. And fact number one, it is highly common. In fact it is oneof the most common disorders of biological females of reproductive age impacting up toten percent of the female population and in fact I've seen estimates as 21%. Fact numbertwo, it's hereditary. Researchers are still

trying to figure out exactly what the geneticlink might be but they know that it runs in families. PCOS doesn't just directly effectbiologically female people. It can also effect both cis and trans men. Which leads me tofact number three that up to 70% of people with polycystic ovarian syndrome are undiagnosed.One study that I looked at found that it took an average of four different s to accuratelydiagnose people with PCOS. On the one hand that difficulty of diagnosis might have todo with how these symptoms might indicate things over than PCOS but on the other handhistorically it has taken a long time for s to actually take these kinds of symptomsseriously instead of just telling women coming

in complaining of acne and bad periods tojust go home and stop being so hysterical. Before I get into PCOS treatment I wantedto offer fact number four which can provide a little deeper insight into just how confoundingof a medical condition this can be because get this, polycystic ovary syndrome mightnow actually produce multiple cysts on your ovaries. Hence with the Rotterdam Criteriayou only need two out of the three conditions. Even the medical language used to describethis disorder can be misleading and confusing and is probably in need of an update. Butthe good news according to fact number five is that PCOS is treatable. Right now thereis no cure however there are combination medication

and lifestyle options that have been shownto radically improve the symptoms. And I know there are lots of online resources out thereparticularly of people with PCOS writing about their diets and exercise tips so if you knowof any of these please offer them below in the comments. Speaking of comments I wantto hear from you, are you someone dealing with PCOS, do these symptoms sound familiar?How do you deal, what has been your experience getting or not getting a diagnosis? Let meknow in the comments below and I will also link to more resources so you can learn moreabout polycystic ovary syndrome. Bye everybody. These are my kisses. Air kisses for everyone.Dododododododo.

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