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talking talking talking talking the Johnson house is full of testosteroneFour boys gt;gt; Darren is Seventeen…. Chase is ten Gage is seven, and Bryce is;lt;

Four months ago, the allmale streak was broken…Baby Ava arrived. But not by chance. gt;gt;We wanted a girl and we did what we had to do to have a daughterlt;lt; The Johnsons chose gender selection. Nolana said she went to the only fertility in Texas that offers it… The Sher Institute in Dallas. gt;gt; Walid Saleh We've done hundreds and hundreds of cycles

and haven't had one give us the wrong genderlt;lt; Walid Saleh could almost guarantee them a girl. Through in vitro fertilization, egg cells arefertilized by sperm in the lab. After three days of growth in this incubatorThe embryos are then taken out… They are then biopsied and at that point, s can tell how many girl and how many boy embryos they have. Comparative Genomic Hybridizationor CGH tests all 23 chromosomes in the DNA

Hereditary disorders, birth defects, and yes, gender can all be revealed, allowing the mother to pick which embryo or embryosto transfer back into her body. gt;gt;When they called us that morning, they said “You have four girlsand two boys…and I was very excited about that Nolana says s transferred three girlEmbryos. gt;gt; One took and it was Miss Ava. lt;lt;

Saleh says more of his patientswant to select the sex of their child… Now twenty percent of IVF cycles in his practice. Couples pay between ten and fifteen thousanddollars for gender selection IVF. Science is ahead of ethics and ahead of law… All the time Tom Mayo, Director of the mcguire center for ethics and public responsibility at SMU questions the practice. gt;gt;Ethically speaking, is this OK? gt;gt;Tom MayoYeah I think that the

consensus is that it's potentially problematic. It does raise0:02:19.129, 0:02:25.229serious ethical issues But the balance so far favors autonomy on the part of the parents in making reproductive decisions that work for;lt; Mayo says time often changes minds

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