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US debates threeparent in vitro fertilization

A threeparent in vitro fertilization techniqueis stirring up controversy in the United States. While biologists say the procedure is a promisingway to stop inherited diseases,. critics claim it will lead to a generation of quot;designerbabies.quot; Kim Minji reports. Baby monkey Mito has threeparents two biological mothers and one father.Mito's mother's egg was injected with mitochondrial DNA from a female donor and then fertilizedwith his father's sperm. Mitochondria are energyproducing structures,.which biologists call the quot;powerhousesquot; that drive the cells.Although the material makes up less than one

percent of a person's genes,. a mutationcan cause various inherited diseases, such as Alzheimer's, diabetes and even cancer.The researchers who had success with the threeparent in vitro fertilization technique with Mitosay the procedure should be allowed for humans. quot;This will work in humans because we've testedit in other primates.quot; However, the procedure has sparked controversyamong critics. They say it is unethical and leads to a generationof customized quot;designer babies.quot; quot;If it is our opinion right now that we cancorrect children this way, that means that we become the manufacturers of new generations.quot;

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration heldpublic hearings this week on whether to allow human trials,. but no decisions were made.Meanwhile, Britain on Thursday proposed new rules allowing scientists to create threeparentembryos,. to prevent the passage of incurable diseases to children.If the rules are approved, Britain will become the first country in the world to allow threeparentin vitro fertilization. Kim Minji, Arirang News.

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