Icsi Day 3 Transfer Success Rates – Couradda, New South Wales

1 or 2 embryos

Here are different grades based on how they look on the inside and the outside and how developed they are. They can be early, expanding, expanded or hatching which they're coming out looking for the uterus. So the thing is the more developed the embryo the better what we can now today is fully expanded, grade AA which is fantastic Fully expanded will be a 4. The next step would be hatching later on, the embryo will hatch looking for the uterus to implant We have an expanding grade that is BB. Then there is 7 more that are growing, that are early.So what we do tomorrow

based on how many make it to more developed get frozen the ones we don't use today. So, the embryos look fantastic. For sure, I think we should transfer this one Kori mentioned to me that you wanted to have two?I really would like to talk you out of that. because the embryo looks gorgeous. very very good chance of taking. So youput two, you have a good chance of ending up with twins is not good. It is more stressful for the pregnancy, for the carrier because it's double pregnancy but you know even if the carrier is a pro, that's fantastic, the deal is when the babies are twins they tend to have more problems than one and theylike to come early

So, that is not a good thing because you see all the cute twins out there. There are many out there that don't end with a good outcome,so we try not to have twins if we can help it now if we do a transfer and it doesn't take, the next time around we get more aggressive, but your embryo looks so pretty and she is a successful mama, so you have a very good chance because it is an AA fully expanded It could have been earlier or not as great. Maybe in that case we would put in two. this is not something that wedecide randomly

We decide based off of American Society of Reproductive Medicine, where we go by the recommendations based on how things are looking. (Carrieri): Do you have a picture? (IP): We never really planned for twins, we were just okay with twins (): Yes, so if the twin comes, it comes. but to make it with purpose it is not a smart thing to do. (Surrogate): What are the chances of that one really good one splitting? (): Less than 1%. There is a chance that one can split with triplets. (IM) So you said 1% chance? () yes, but with two, one can split and create three. ok so here are the recommendations from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and we are day five. We go by the age of the egg. So if it is less than 35, and it is a cycle day 5 or 6 day embryo and its favorable meaning is it first time and it is a good quality embryo and more can be frozen the recommendation isto only put one. (IM): ok () so because it is the first time and you guys had such a good deal going on, I think putting two would be not smart. (IM): Yeah, okay one. (): So if she doesn't get pregnant this time, next time we can put two and be more aggressive. But she has a good chance of

getting pregnant today. The baby you want it to be finished. With twins sometimes they come early and have to go to the NICU for a long time and they have problems feeding and stuff that's not fun. (IF): Yeah I understand where you are going with this. (): of course its your guy's decision it is your treatment. I'm happy to please you, but I just want to make sure you make a smart decision (IF): Most time in my head when I think of having a baby I think of having one. So it's not often I think of two babies in my head. (): Okay, lets do one. This is the most gorgeous one you have, which is this beautiful. This will be your picture. You keep it.

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