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Why Do I Ovulate and Not Get Pregnant

Why do I ovulate and not get pregnant? I'm assuming you are not using birth controlmethods that would interfere with that. No, I'm trying to get pregnant. If you've had social diseases, the inflammationthey cause can block the Fallopian tubes, preventing pregnancy. I was treated for that ages ago. The inflammation and blockage of the tubesto the ovaries will prevent conception, and that damage could have been done in the monthsor years before you realized you had a relatively

silent disease. I get regular checkups, and no onesaid that was an issue. You could have reproductive machinery workingat full tilt but it fails because other hormones are in the way. For example, a thyroid problemcould cause your body to ovulate too late in the cycle for an embryo to implant beforeyour next period. The only hormones raging are the ones drivingmy biological clock. You might ovulate but not get pregnant becausethe endometrium is too thin, but that's something a would have to check out.You could try getting more iron and micronutrients

in general, since that might impede conception. I'm taking prenatal vitamins now. There's the possibility that you're readingsigns like mucus changes that suggest you are ovulating but are not really. I'm using ovulation tests as religiouslynow as I used to take birth control. Speaking of which, around one percent of pregnanciesare reported as virgin births. This would not be a virgin birth. True, but the egg is only good for a day ortwo, though sperm theoretically lasts five

days in her body. If you have sex a day ortwo after the egg's ideal time, that would explain why you are not getting pregnant. One solution your husband would not objectto, is having sex every other night to ensure that there is sperm in there whenever theegg makes its arrival So sex on the weekends means I might not getpregnant. I know it is hard to imagine, but you canindeed get busy on a Tuesday night. In fact, if you're only doing things on the weekends,that explains why you ovulate but do not get pregnant.

We can try that. Anything else that mightbe causing it? If you are too stressed about getting pregnant,it could interfere with both ovulation and the biochemistry to sustain implantation. I'd hate to think that my infertility couldbe caused by worrying about my fertility. I just need a way to relax. Amazingly, sex solves both issues, at leastuntil you start budgeting for three.

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