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Welcome To Lifecare Hi , I am Kanchan Awasthi today we are going to explain about '' Male and Female Infertility Treatment '' Remedies For Infertility Being childless is still considered as a curse in our society impotence is a common reason for not having child do you know allopathic medicines are also responsible

which are used to cure high blood pressure and diabetes many times the reason for infertility is psychological rather than physical in this types of cases 's advice is enough Infertility can be cured with the help of ayurvedic medicines First of all the Remedies for Infertility in Females consume dried white wild egg plant powder from the 5th day of menstrual period for 3 days

along with milk in the morning if a woman is having headache it means her uterus is dry Grind rock salt, garlic, sea foam and keep in 55 gm proportion grind 4 gm medicine mixed with water and with cotton wool apply it inside vagina on the mouth of uterus before sleeping continue it for 3 days , dryness will be cured

if a woman's body is shivering there is problem in uterus asafoetida powder mixed in sesame oil soaked on cotton wool keep inside vagina on the mouth of uterus for 3 days continuously so uterus becomes stable if a woman's waist is paining

it means the body mass has been grown in the uterus in this condition make fine powder from burnt elephant hoof mix black cumin and castor oil apply the oil on cotton wool and keep into the vagina at the mouth of uterus keep upto 3 consecutive days it is very beneficial if woman's entire body is having pain

it means there is more heat in the uterus which does not lead to pregnancy in this condition mix chrysanthemum flower juice with sesame oil soak in cotton wool keep it in the vagina at the mouth of uterus keep upto 3 consecutive days it is very beneficial for the patient

Period Pregnancy

Can you get pregnant if you have sex whenyou're on your period? Yes! I mean aside from the factors of anatomylike you don't have a uterus and sexual preference, like you don't have sex with semen producers,or developmental reasons like you're preeggs or posteggs, and then the medical complicationsof things like pelvic inflammatory disease, or if you've got effective birth control,then yes, you can get pregnant on your period. Menstruation is not a pregnancy grace period,it's just a period. Intro As I've mentioned here in this tutorial, alsoposted in the description, a period, also

known as menstruation, is part of a cycle.Pregnancy happens during the cycle when a spermegg combo nestles into the uterine liningcalled the endometrium. In order for this to happen, there must bean unexpired egg in the Fallopian tube; they can live for 12 to 24 hours. During that time,sperm needs to be there waiting, or on its way. That sperm also needs to be capable of fertilizingthe egg. If it does, the fertilized egg has to find its way to the uterus, and then implantsuccessfully in the lining. That's conception!

It would seem like getting pregnant on yourperiod isn't possible because there isn't an endometrium to nestle into, and everythingis being flushed out. Yeah, wouldn't the egg and sperm be evacuatedtoo? Well, yes, UNLESS.The eggsperm combo, a blastocyst, is at the tail end of the bleeding. You're still experiencing a period, but theblastocyst is above it and able to embed in the reforming endometrial wall. On average, a menstrual cycle is 28 days.If the period is the first week, one could

conceivably have sex during the bleeding andget pregnant. How? Well, provided sperm were ejaculated,then they would travel the Fallopian tubes to meet the egg. Since they can live therein the Fallopian paradise for up to 5 days, it is possible for viable sperm to be therewhen an egg is released at ovulation between days 10 and 16 of the 28 days. I should know, I am this conception. My mothertried for 14 months to conceive at all other times of the month, and then, when she hadperiod sex, she succeeded. So if this happens, you have a looong periodand ovulate during or shortly after the bleeding,

you can get pregnant on your period. Or, if you have a super short cycle, whereovulation would happen much closer to the front end. You can get pregnant from havingsex during your period! There's also: you think the blood is menstrualbut it's really blood from ovulation. In this case, you're getting pregnant on your quot;periodquot;,what you think is your period really isn't your period, and then you go ahead with actuality it could be your most fertile time! Here's a related anthropology lesson.

Many of the patients in fertility sare Orthodox Jews abiding by Leviticus 15:19 in the law of the Torah called niddah. quot;And if a woman have issue, and her issuein her flesh be blood, she shall be put apart seven days: and whosoever touchest her shallbe unclean until the even.quot; Meaning that during her period and the sevendays after it, her partner may not have sex with her, and in more strict cases, may nottouch or sleep with her. Which depending on the unique menstrual cyclecould equate to missing the fertile window. There are hundreds of menstruationrelatedbeliefs, customs, and taboo. I just hope to

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