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Are you ready to start a family? Do you wantto start that family fast? I'm Jill from Tampa, Florida here to tell you how to startyour family quickly. The most obvious way is to have sex of course but timing is everything.It actually is hard to get pregnant unless you are 14 and don't want to be pregnant.So the way to do this is know your menstrual cycle. Assuming a 28 day menstrual cycle,you'll ovulate at about day 14. I recommend having intercourse every other day startingat about day 11 and go through about day 17. This gives you the optimal chance of conceivingin a quick fashion. If some people think that if you have sex every day that is better wellit is actually not because it decreases the

amount of semen that is produced so everyother day starting with day 11 and going to day 17 and you increase your chance of gettingpregnant. I'm Jill from Tampa, Florida explaining to you how to get pregnant fast.

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