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Why I Dont Want My Miscarriage To Stay Secret

My name is Jennifer andthis is why I don't want my miscarriage to stay secret. I thought my first ultrasoundwould go like this. My would point out the baby and I'd turn to my husband, Brendan. He'd tear up and I'd whisper,quot;Can you believe it?quot; We'd finally see our burrito; one of our favorite foods and our

nickname for our unnamed fetus. Instead, I saw a fuzzy gray screen. My obstetrician told me therewas no evidence of life, just a gestational sac. She asked me to come back two weeks later. If there was growth, we were in business. If my uterus was stillempty, I would miscarry. I worried every day that nothingwas growing inside of me.

Still, I religiouslyread mommy online forums where other women saw the fetusat their second ultrasound. This gave me hope. But the second ultrasoundshowed there was no baby. Talking to my ,I was completely calm, asking when we could try again. quot;Everything's going tobe okay,quot; Brendan said. It wasn't until later that I curled

into a ball in our bed, sobbing. My very first pregnancy becamemy very first miscarriage. The budding belly I hadgrown fond of, I now hated. No one I knew ever posted to Facebook, quot;I had a miscarriage today.quot; I told a few close female friends and that's when the story started coming out about their own miscarriages.

One friend was going through a miscarriage at the same exact time I was. Another suggested I checkout ihadamiscarriage. I thought I was alone, but it seemed so manywomen had miscarriages. Many of us were still grieving. Meanwhile in subsequent checkups, I was still pregnant even though

my body was slowly bleeding. A month later, my OBGYN scheduled a DC to remove what was inside of me. (machine beeping) When I woke up in the recovery room, the head of OBGYN came in. He demonstrated with his handhow my uterus was inverted. When my went into dilate me,

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