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Baby Its You

ANNE MAKEPEACE NARRATING:Families. It takes a long time todisentangle ourselves from the ones we grow up in. And then suddenlywe want our own. Some of us are creating familiesin ways our parents could never have imagined. Tube ready. whistling

Great success. I was back East because myfather had just died. And there was a really weirdreaction I had to my father's death, which was you know,I adored my father. I was really I really loved him. But as I was driving down toCape Cod, like, you know, five days after the funeral, I wasthinking, you know, I really

want to have an affair. I really felt like a fling. And I think I felt like somephysical comfort and some love and some male energy and, Idon't know, all these things I guess I felt lostwith my father. And I drove into the driveway atJerry's, and there is this guy that I could not haveinvented out of my wildest dreams, which was Peter.

You know, he was standing in thedriveway, talking to Jerry in this very intense discussionabout Katherine Mansfield's stories, you know. And then we want to have chickenat some lunch stand. And he sang Mississippi JohnHurt's song, quot;Chicken.quot; ANNE (OFFSCREEN):There you go. CHI C is the way to begin; H, thenext letter and I am a third;

C, what a seasonly bird. K, just filling in E.I'm near the end. TOGETHER: CHICKEN.That's the way to spell chicken. So that was it. I mean, that was it. How could I possibly resist. And, uh

All my life, I've beenapproaching strange women in bars, and singing guffaws singing that song and thiswas the first time it worked. ANNE (OFFSCREEN): Someof them ran. ANNE MAKEPEACE NARRATING: Peterand I have been married for 10 years. I'm an independent filmmaker.

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