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Welcome to the Fertility Revolution podcast.Whether you're trying to get pregnant now or in the future, trying to conceive naturallyor with medicated treatments, if your goal is to have a healthy, thriving baby, you'rein the right place. This is the show that empowers you with the information you needfor your fertility journey. Let this podcast and me, your host, Julie Chang, a naturalfertility expert for almost 15 years guide you.EarlyPregnancyTests has been the leading online provider of affordable and accuratepregnancy ovulation tests since 2001. They offer the same quality tests as you get atthe drugstore for a fraction of the price,

use coupon code quot;fertilityrevquot; when you orderonline for free shipping and 10% off. The Fertility Revolution podcast episode5 J: I'm so pleased to welcome Davina Fankhauser,cofounder and president of Fertility Within Reach. She is driven to teach others how toadvocate for themselves in hope that they will be spared the pain and heartache knownto accompany infertility, especially when denied access to timely and appropriate treatment.In addition, Davina is passionate about helping youth preserve their reproductive health.Davina, I've given our listeners a brief overview of yourself however, we'd love to get knowyou a little more so tell us about you and

your involvement with the fertility community.D: Thank you and thank you for having me. I truly appreciate what you offer infertilitypatients. My journey was a 15 year journey as an infertility patient and I didn't haveemployer based insurance to treat—to diagnose or treat my condition. It was just devastatingand difficult and as the years passed I learned how to lobby and advocate and appeal withinsurers and I just decided, if I can do this, I can help other people. And try to make animpact and help others build their families and I did. I have experience. I led strategiceffort in Massachusetts and we now have an updated definition of infertility. If you'reover 35 you can receive treatment after six

months and have it covered by insurance. Thelobbying in Maine and while they do not have an insurance mandate they're now allowed tobuy insurance out of state. I led an effort in Massachusetts so that preservation of eggsis now a required benefit of infertility but I also worked with the insurers and the medicalconnects so that it's now offered to cancer patients so they can preserve their fertilityprior to their cancer therapy. This is just something that I feel passionately about,my husband and I really had a raw deal because of where we were living and who our employerwas. There was just such an injustice about it and I felt like it was time to use my voiceand to help others use theirs so we can try

to create change so it's easier for peoplein the future. J: Did they know what was is specificallyabout your experience that made you so passionate about making all of this progress and legislaturechange? D: It was just very painful. My husband andI we were experiencing multiple miscarriages but we'd only get pregnant once a year buttechnically we weren't considered infertile because we would become pregnant once a yearand we'd miscarry and it was just crazy that we did this for years. We now at the end ofour journey have two children but we had ten pregnancies and honestly we didn't find outwhat the issue was until our third IVF cycle

and if we had just had coverage for basictesting in the beginning we would have known what our issue was. We wouldn't have neededmore advanced treatments and then when we did we were paying out of pocket for insuranceand so we made our decisions based on finances instead of medical sound judgments and weended up having a high risk pregnancy with my son, premature birth, he's had a lot of he's had multiple surgical procedures and it just wasn't necessary. If the employerhad reimbursed seven thousand dollars for an IVF cycle, they would have saved themselveshundreds of thousands of dollars, in the long run. I just felt like there was a lack ofeducation out there, not only for patients

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