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IVF Success Rates

The pregnancy test is done about 10 days afterthe embryo or embryos are transferred into the woman's uterus. That test is very accurate.Obviously if it's negative we know that the embryos did not continue to grow. If it'spositive, then we retest in a few days to watch that pregnancy hormone rise tellingus that the pregnancy is establishing. Pregnancy rates vary exactly with the woman's age. Awoman under 35 today, we can estimate pregnancy rates at 65, 75 percent. Really high qualityembryos with donor eggs can be 80 percent per cycle. By age 40 the pregnancy rates aredown to about 25 percent. By age 42, 43, the pregnancy rates have fallen down to 10, maybe15 at the most. So there's that gradual decline

through the 30s but a very sharp fall offafter 40. And that's why we encourage patients to come and start early with fertiility treatmentsif they feel they have an issue.

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