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IVF Explained Chapter 6 ICSI direct injection of sperm into egg

Sherman Silber: So here are actual reallifepictures of the ICSI set up. I'll show you a tutorial in just a minute so you'll understandit and not be afraid of it. We have a micromanipulation apparatus that we set up that allows us towork with sperm that are only about four microns wide. They're totally invisible to the nakedeye, completely. We pick them up with little micropipets thatare pulled on a computer, so also the tip is completely invisible. Then under 400 powermagnification, we're able to actually pick up the sperm in the micropipette and theninject it into the egg. Then you can see the next day these two what we call pronuclei,the sperm pronucleus and the female egg pronucleus,

indicate this egg has been normally fertilized. Now it doesn't matter how bad the spermare. This could be a man who was declared completely sterile. He may even have no spermwhatsoever in his ejaculate and we might have to go to the testicle to directly retrievethe occasional few sperm that he's making because nothing is coming out in the ejaculate.Again, this procedure was invented at St. Luke's so we have the most experience withit. We can get fertilization rates no different than if the man were completely fertile usingthis really terrible looking sperm. We're able to pick up the few of those terriblelooking sperm that are normal. Again, this

is a picture of the actual ICSI procedureinjecting the sperm into the egg. Then this is the egg that's been fertilized at dayone. At day two there's a fourcell embryo. At day three it's an eightcell embryo.On day three, when we can really judge which embryos are likely to be viable and whichare not. We transfer this embryo back to the woman in a procedure that is really completelypainless. Up until now, the actual concept of preparingfor IVF is very intimidating. When it comes right down to it, the actual embryo transferis not intimidating at all other than it's simple as a routine yearly pap smear. ThoughI've said that the embryo transfer is a

relatively simple nonintimidating, what youthink would be the dramatic terrifying moment of IVF when we actually put the embryo backin the patient, you would think that would be difficult for you but you'll find thateasy. Let me just qualify that by explaining howtricky the embryo transfer is for the physicians and how important it is because we have peoplecoming in from all over the world who had beautiful embryos created in the lab and didn'tget pregnant. That failure to get pregnant, well it's either caused by genetic problemsin the embryo which we can diagnose with techniques we developed here, but that's not the commonproblem. The common problem is the method

in which the embryo transfer is done. The transfer must be absolutely painless andnonirritating. This requires that the couple have complete comfort level with the programbecause it requires a sense of emotional serenity. I'll explain to you how we do that. Firstplace, you're probably all familiar with this contraceptive called an IUD. When womenhave this intrauterine device put into their uterus because they've had all the childrenthey want for a while, it prevents them from getting pregnant. At least it lowers the pregnancyrate to onehalf of a percent. The IUD works by causing irritation in theuterus that is so minor, the woman doesn't

feel it, but this minor irritation preventsembryos from implanting. She may have fertilization resulting from intercourse and she may havedeveloped a normal embryo but when that embryo comes to the uterus from the fallopian tubes,it doesn't implant because of that subal minor little bit of irritation that's causedby the presence of the IUD. So with that knowledge, we realize that ifwe were to put the embryo back into your uterus in a way that is in the slightest bit irritating,maybe you wouldn't even notice it, that will lower the pregnancy rate. If it were to be put back in a way that isirritating or uncomfortable, or there's

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