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What Are Success Rates for IUI or IVF

(text on screen): Fertility Authority. Your Most Trusted Source Ask the Experts What are the success rates of IUI vs. IVF? Simon Kipersztok, Shady Grove Fertility: The success rate for IUIs will stubbornly hover around the 8 percent, whereas for the IVF will be in the 50 percent. One way of trying to understand that is to ask yourself: Our success would mean 100 percent, so how many times does 8 percent fit into 100? That's about 15 times. So, it would mean that, potentially, you could need 15 IUI cycles to get to that pregnancy. I hope you get pregnant on the very first cycle, and some patients achieve that; about 8 percent of patients.

Whereas, with the IVF, at 50; 55 percent success rate, your probability of achieving that pregnancy, and hopefully delivering, would be; you know, you can fit one to two IVF cycles into a hundred. So, that would mean that within one to two cycles, you could potentially achieve that pregnancy. There are situations where IUIs can be very effective. For example, if there is a single woman, or a woman in a homosexual relationship, who have completely normal, regular periods and all of the objective measurements of their fertility are normal, and all they need is what's missing: sperm, the use of donor sperm can be very effective, because you are just replacing what is missing. OK? Sometimes there are patients, for example, that have had a procedure in their cervix.

And, again, they have a completely normal fertility profile except for that opening of the womb that, you know, has been narrowed by the surgical procedure, whether it is because of congenital birth or because of related to an abnormal pap smear and cervical dysplasia, then bypassing that cervix with intrauterine insemination as an initial approach makes, definitely, a lot of sense. But, on the other hand, if you have patients that have moderate to severe abnormalities in their sperm, or individuals that have one tube that is blocked and the other is open, or women that are over the age of 38, ', the approach of intrauterine insemination very stubbornly would remain at the 5 to 8 percent per cycle. And, you know, I look at my patients and I say, I hope they get pregnant the first cycle. And many say, quot;It's me, the one that is going to get pregnant the first cycle.quot;

But, unfortunately, and I hate to repeat it, that probability of success, study after study, center after center, shows that that figure of 8 percent remains very stubbornly there. So, the in vitro fertilization would be a much better approach. (text on screen): Fertility Authority. Your Most Trusted Source.

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