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The Try Guys Try Stepping

(yelling) (clapping and stomping) Step, steppin', step dance. Doesn't look like somethingI'd be very good at. (bleep) That one up. I know it's a lot of (clapping). This is the macarena. We have five days tolearn how to step dance

before we need to performbefore thousands of people. (sobbing) I am a little overwhelmed. (yelling) Let's go! (yelling) (yelling) Stepping comes from African dances from Beirut incorporated with tapping, tap dancing, things like that.

It has a rich African tradition. Seeing let's say three white dudes. Kagi Yeah. Eugene And one Asian guy. Yeah. Eugene Steppingwith you guys in unison. I think it's cool. I think it says a lot in terms

of the way the culture's transcended. First thing about step is you're gonna be doingrhythmics and claps and stomps. You wanna make thosestomps as loud as possible to make sure we catchthe audience attention. (stomping) See, I could do this all day. There's no music, though.

You are the music. (yelling) Easy enough. Makes sense. Boom, tap, tap, boom, tap, tap. One more time. (sobbing) Let's talk about thisperformance we're doing.

It's at the USC basketball. In the center. Season finale. Wait. No way. It's the season finale? What? No it's not! (laughing)

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