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Religions and babies Hans Rosling

Translator: Timothy CovellReviewer: Morton Bast I'm going to talk about religion. But it's a broad and very delicate subject, so I have to limit myself. And therefore I will limit myself to only talk about the links between religion and sexuality. (Laughter) This is a very serious talk.

So I will talk of what I remember as the most wonderful. It's when the young couple whisper, quot;Tonight we are going to make a baby.quot; My talk will be about the impact of religions on the number of babies per woman. This is indeed important, because everyone understands that there is some sort of limit

on how many people we can be on this planet. And there are some people who say that the world population is growing like this three billion in 1960, seven billion just last year and it will continue to grow because there are religions that stop women from having few babies, and it may continue like this.

To what extent are these people right? When I was born there was less than one billion children in the world, and today, 2000, there's almost two billion. What has happened since, and what do the experts predict will happen with the number of children during this century? This is a quiz. What do you think? Do you think it will decrease to one billion?

Will it remain the same and be two billion by the end of the century? Will the number of children increase each year up to 15 years, or will it continue in the same fast rate and be four billion children up there? I will tell you by the end of my speech. But now, what does religion have to do with it? When you want to classify religion, it's more difficult than you think.

You go to Wikipedia and the first map you find is this. It divides the world into Abrahamic religions and Eastern religion, but that's not detailed enough. So we went on and we looked in Wikipedia, we found this map. But that subdivides Christianity, Islam and Buddhism into many subgroups, which was too detailed. Therefore at Gapminder we made our own map,

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