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Fertility SelfMassage to Get Pregnant Faster

Do not perform this massage while you areon your period or during the five days before you expect your period. Hi, this is Heidi Brockmyre, I'm going toshow you how to do the pregnancy priming abdominal massage. Before you want to begin the massageyou want to make sure that your bladder's empty, you're lying down comfortably and there'sa pillow placed on your knees. After the massage make sure you drink a couple of glasses ofwater. Start with your finger tips, pressing in itat the center line where your rib cage meets together. Keep your knuckles at a 90 degreeangle and gently press firmly into that center

line with your fingertips. You're going towant to press firmly and press slowly and deeply, you might feel some tenderness, andthat's normal and that's okay. Don't push too hard to that you're really in pain, butdo breath through and push on the tender parts. Where there's tenderness, there need someextra attention. We're going to go along on your right ribcage, this is where your liver is and this helps to detoxify the liver. Same thing, you'regoing to support your fingertips with your hands together and just give some firm butslow pressure going deep. You can kind of go deeply under the rib cage. As you can seethere, there's some redness on the belly and

that's a good thing, that means blood is circulating.You may also hear some gurgling or feel some movement in your abdomen and that's a goodsign as well, that's why it's important to drink water afterwards because you're helpingto detoxify all the organ area. Now you're going to go along your left ribcage, this is where your stomach is and this is also how to stimulate digestion. Again,just press firmly, slowly, gently, yet deeply down and under the rib cage. If you get tenderspots that's okay, just take a deep breath and you might want to spend a little extratime when you get to a tender spot, just gently and slowly apply pressure and breath, takenice, deep, slow breaths when you get to a

tender spot. Going down along side that left rib cage untilit meets your waist. Apply deep, firm, gentle pressure. If you get something that's reallypainful then you don't want to force anything in to it, but just when there is a tenderspot just give it a little extra time and just keep going deeply into that area butdo it a little more slowly. You're going to just massage your right waistwhere the rib cage, that there it's soft but right below the rib cage, right on the waistapply some firm pressure there. Also on your left side, some firm pressure. Again, we'regetting a lot of digestive organs in these

areas and detoxing the viscera getting lotsof fresh blood flow in there. Your abdomen doesn't get as much attention as the otherareas of your body. About two to three finger widths out fromyour belly button, you're going to apply firm pressure with your finger tips, this is anotherdigestive point, it helps to circulate to your reproductive organs as well, it helpsalso with regular bowel movements. Now you're going to go out about another couple of inchesfrom there, you'll start to feel the edge of your muscle, your abdominal muscles, andyou're going to apply pressure there right where the muscle falls off. The muscles area little firmer in the center and right where

it falls off you're just going to want toapply pressure and gently go in, and then you're going to release the pressure, andthen go back in again like I just did inaudible 00:04:19 We're going to go along the inside of yourhip bones. You're just going to grab your hip bones and pinch them, and the area rightinside of . So just follow them all the way up give some nice firm pressure. In thisarea there's a lot of ligaments, there's a lot of fascia, so it really helps to circulateto your uterus and ovaries, loosen it up for a good position of your uterus.

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