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What Happens 4 Days Past Ovulation

What happens 4 days past ovulation? Not conception, whose odds dropped to zerotwo days ago. I was more curious if I had conceived. The fertilized egg is migrating down the Fallopiantubes, but if it wasn't fertilized, it has been disintegrating. That much is a given. The corpus luteum has formed and is maturing. What does that mean?

The follicle that developed to release theegg That's ovulation. Is now shrinking and collapsing, and it willbecome a corpus albicans in the next week. That's short for shrunk, down, out of mind,well, the egg's out. The uterine lining is building up That happens before ovulation. It is still happening, and the blood vesselsare lining it and filling to get ready for when an embryo implants.

If it does. If it doesn't, you're about a week anda half from the menstrual lining shedding. Right now is called the secretory stage ofthe uterine cycle, whereas menses is when it actually sheds. AKA, your period. The hormones they use in birth control toprevent pregnancy will be high now but drop off when your period starts. That's actually the trigger for it.

What other hormones are changing right now? The hormones for ovulation are flat and droppedoff the day after you ovulated. Those hormones only spike the day you ovulatebecause they are the trigger for ovulation. Those hormones are also what trigger the basalbody temperature spike around ovulation. The temperature spike is the day after ovulation. You're still a few days from the body temperaturegoing back to the lower basal level. I didn't track that in the first place sincesimply sleeping under too many blankets or jogging to the medicine cabinet to get thethermometer can make it read wrong as high.

The female hormones are rising slowly too,though not as high as they do before you ovulate. I've heard of women having the female hormonesso high before ovulation it stimulates early pregnancy symptoms. Tender breasts, sure, but not morning sickness,a growing stomach or swollen ankles. And if you had gotten pregnant, the minordrops of blood would be unlikely to be visible today but would in the next few days. AKA implantation. I know it takes the embryo a few days to migratedown to the uterus in the first place.

The short distance to you is a long journeyfor a single cell, well, clump of cells now. It starts dividing nearly immediately. It is also going to rely on its own internalenergy supply for days before implanting. And I know it will be at least a week beforea pregnancy test comes up positive. Then there's the classic my period didn'tstart I may be pregnant indicator. Can't early pregnancy tests detect it beforethat point? Early pregnancy tests may pick up the hormonesaround day 26 or 28, but no pregnancy test will detect an embryo that hasn't implantedyet or just implanted but barely put out the

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