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Population dynamics Society and Culture MCAT Khan Academy

Voiceover: Population dynamicslooks at how the population of a country or a regionor even the world changes. It takes into account the factorsthat increase a population and the factors that decrease population to create a total growth rate. There are three factors that contribute to this total growth rate. These are fertility,migration, and mortality.

Fertility is the natural ability of human beings to have babies. And babies, obviously,add to the population. Migration looks at the number of people who are moving into and out of countries. It doesn't change the total number of people living on the planet. But it does change the number of people

living in a specific country or region. This doesn't mean thatwhen you go on vacation to a different country, thatyou are migrating there. Migration means thatyou are moving somewhere permanently to live andwork and eventually die. Which brings us to ourthird factor, mortality. Which is the fact thateveryone eventually will die. This obviously decreases the population.

In order to measure thesethree factors, we use rates to measure the numberof people who are born. The number of peoplethat move out of or into a different country,and the number of people who die in a certain period of time. Usually, we measure birthmigration and death rates over a year's worth of population change. Because it is enough timethat an obvious change

is visible, but not somuch time that we miss trends in how the population changes. And as human beings, we tend to like nice, round measurements like one year. We also like to compare ratesthat are actually comparable. So all these rates aremeasured per 1,000 people. This way, we can comparethe different rates equally because they are allscaled to that same value.

A worldwide birth rate ofabout 18 point nine births per 1,000 people is mucheasier to grasp than looking at the around 134 milliontotal births worldwide. And it's easier to comparecountry birth rates when they are scaled, rather thanlooking at the total births. Take Mali, for example,where about 700 thousand people will be born this year. This doesn't seem like a lot compared

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