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So, what are some of the symptoms? Maybe yourhusbands have some of this. Depression, negative mood, irritability, anger, bad temper, lossof memoryconcentration, loss of sex drivelibido, loss of erections, problems during sex, lossof fitness, feeling overstressed, decreased job performance, decline of physical abilities,bone loss, elevated cholesterol, increased risk of heart disease. So, these are all theareas that testosterone hits. It hits just about everything: bone marrow, bone, kidney,muscle, brain, skin, liver, male sex organs. And most studies show that low levels arecorrelated with a higher risk of coronary artery disease. This is one study that wasdone. This is another one in males with heart

failure. These are testosterones that were associated with an adverse prognosis.When they actually injected testosterone intercoronary, they actually showed that it caused the coronaryarteries to dilate. It also helps memory. There have been a lot of studies that showthat. So, it also helps with erectile dysfunction. So, libido is always increased. The nitricoxide receptors, the nitric oxide dilates blood vessels. It usually takes about sixmonths to get that effect. And it actually improves the response from Viagra and Cialisand so forth.

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