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FootFixx Premium Massage Balls Review Ask Jo

Hey everybody, it's Jo. And it's productreview time again. The folks at FlexFixx sent me their FootFixx massage ball set. So let'sget started. What I really like about the FootFixx is there's 3 different size massage balls. So two of them are textured, they have these massage spikes on them, and then there's a smooth one in here. So you have different sizes, different purposes for each one. Thefirst one, the red one here, is the bigger one. It's more for a broad kind of massage.Just getting those muscles warmed up. So it's not quite pinpointing areas yet, it's justloosening up the fascia on your foot or the muscles in the back. The middle one has alittle more pronounced spikes on there so

it's gonna get a little more specific to thearea, so especially on your foot, that fascia in there. If you've got a specific spot, youcan roll it over it and that will really kind of loosen everything up. And then the lastone you have is nice and smooth. So that's almost for those trigger points. It's a littleharder as well so it's not gonna give quite as much as these. See that squishes a littlebit, and this does not. So that's where if you've got a trigger point on your back somewhereyou can just kind of place it there and put some pressure on it. So let me show you somethings you can do with these. I'm gonna use the medium gray one and just place my footover it. So the pressure you;re gonna use

depends on how much you can tolerate. So youdon't want to do it too much where it's painful and some people are gonna be able to pushhard, pushing down this way, or some people just want to do a little bit. So it reallydepends on how tight the muscles and the fascia is and how much your pain tolerance is aswell. One of the nice things that it comes with, the user guide, has some reflexologyfor your hands and your feet. So if you enjoy that stuff you can check it out and use thesemassage balls for the reflexology stuff. Also what's really nice about these is you canwash them with soap and water, or they're actually dishwasher safe as well on the topshelf. So if you're using it on your feet

a lot and it gets some gross stuff in there,you can throw it in the dishwasher and get it nice and clean. But they do say be careful,don't let your dogs get them cause they will probably demolish them and you won't havethem anymore. Or especially this one might not be safe for them anyways, you don't wantit to get it caught in their throat or anything. But like let's say I have a trigger pointright here on my back. You can put it against a chair and just lean in to it directly onthat spot. Holding that pressure for a little bit, or you can actually move it around some.You can also do it lying down, but that's probably gonna be a little bit more pressure.So again, the neat stuff about this is it's

not a whole lot, so you can put it in thebag and take it with you if you're traveling somewhere. If you want to have it at work,you can just take this and put it in your desk and pull it out when you need it andloosen up those muscles. So that's really, really nice. If you'd like to find out moreabout their products, go to FlexFixx that's two quot;xsquot; on the Fixx. If you'd like to purchasethe product, you can go to our product store at askjo products And remember,be safe (don't hurt anybody), have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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