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Physician Literacies for the Digital Age

This generation of physicians will witnessa profound change in the practice of medicine. The digital world is upon us and this, morethan any other change, will fundamentally alter the way medicine is practiced and taught. So how should we best train physicians tomeet 21st century demands? We can start by considering what s willneed to be able to do in order to function in a digital environment. New literacies forthe digital age should be considered foundational elements in medical education. While there may be many, we are proposingthree key literacies that will define the

of 2033: network awareness, informationmanagement, and digital content creation. Physicians in 2033 will practice as part ofa broad network of collective knowledge. The ability to communicate, collaborate, share,and learn as part of this global network will become a critical skill. As a result, one of our greatest challengeswill be learning to manage the inevitable information overload. The body of medicalknowledge is beyond the point where any can know what all there is to know. By 2033,medical educators will move from teaching students what they need to know to teachinghow to access what they need to know. Thus,

s will need the tools and skills tomanage information, inputs, and an exploding networked knowledge. A networked environment calls for a physicianwho can communicate and create using digital tools. The ability to use basic communicationplatforms to create, translate, and share information and knowledge will be a necessaryskill for the physician, especially the academic leader. There will be many new skill sets necessaryfor the of 2033. Educators have no option but to build medical education aroundthe realities of changing workflows and a

digital environment. We must also remember that the ultimate interfaceis human to human. Within this new digital space, we must still provide, and teach, trulycompassionate care.

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