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The Basics of Acupuncture What Conditions Does Acupuncture Treat

Hi, I'm Filardo and I'm certified in acupunctureand we're here on behalf of Expert Village today. And in our next segment we're goingto talk about what are some of the conditions that are commonly treated by acupuncture.And the textbooks show that there's over two thousand conditions, so I'm just going toreview a few of the common things, or more than a few of the common things. One beingneuralgia in the body, headaches, trigeminal neuralgia in specific, tics, spasms, muscularpain, any kind of pain, including ligament and disc related protrusions, rheumatitis,neuralgia, shoulder pain, wrist pain, very common, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow,osteoarthritis, which is a form of arthritis

that's from wear and tear, ulcers, stomachpain, either nausea or vomiting or just acid buildup or heliobacus bacillus pylori overgrowth.Also hepatitis asthma, diarrhea, colon detox, overgrowth of bacteria, yeast infections.So you learn some of the causes including smoking, addiction therapy and weight loss,although we do it through ear. In regular therapy, there's so many that they help with.And the reason why there's so many that we help with is because we really don't treatthe symptoms. We treat the organ based cause of the issue and then as a result of thatyou can treat help all the different conditions. And like I said, the text books mentionedover two thousand and so they all kind of

tie into that.

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