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42.In this segment, we're going to do someacupuncture in both the ear as well as the arm to help stop smoking. So, as we do withall acupuncture, we want to swab the points first to make sure that they're properly sterilized.And then, we're going to use our single use filiform needles. So the treatment we're goingto use in the ear is known as the NADA protocol. The NADA protocol was originally develop inHarlem for the stopping of heroin addiction. And it was used in combination with counselingand actually with some herbs. As research progress, they found that this treatment wasactually effective for a variety of addictions, smoking included. So this first point is usefor the sympathetic nervous system. We help

to normalize the sympathetic and the parasympatheticnervous system. That point is called Zhang Men and really helps to just handle stressand to normalize all the other points to create some balance. The next point is the kidneypoint, it gives us the will power in order to help fight our addictions. The next oneis the liver point that helps with stress. And the last one on the ear is the lung point,and the lung point is obviously used for smoking because he's probably done a little bit ofdamage to his lung overtime. So, the last point is actually on the arm and it was foundby accident, it turns out, it's known as the sweet point for stop smoking, it's reallythe only thing it's use for. So that one is

located very close to a normal acupuncturepoint, it's actually on the lung meridian. So once we leave these points in for abouttwenty minutes or so, he's going to be very relax and hopefully when he gets up, he'snot going to have any more cravings for smoking and with good stop smoking hygiene, he'llbe smokefree for the rest of his life.

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