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How To Get Pregnant The Menstrual Cycle Series 1 Episode 2

I'm Tash. Let's talk about the menstrualcycle and what happens with each phase. The menstrual cycle occurs for one reasononly, and that's for pregnancy to occur. It means that an egg has to be released to meeta sperm so an embryo is made and hence implanted. And hopefully, a pregnancy occurs. When we talk about a menstrual cycle, we talkabout the length, or the time between day one of bleeding to the day just before thenext bleed. We call that a cycle. Now, typically, only about 15% of women havean average 28day cycle. Many women can have a 21day cycle or an up to 35day cycle. Ifyour cycle is shorter than 21 days or longer

than 35 days, you should probably be speakingto your . However, if you have a cycle that's anywherebetween that range, this is generally what happens during that cycle. When we're talking about the menstrual cycle,it's important to realize that the ovary speaks to the lining of the uterus, the endometrium.Here we've got a model of a uterus and an ovary. At the level of the ovary, there are threephases. The first phase is what we call the follicularphase, when follicles develop.

The second phase is ovulation, when a folliclegoes quot;popquot; and an egg is released into the Fallopian tube. The third phase is called the corpus lutealphase, or the luteal phase, where a very important organ called the corpus luteum is made topump out lots of hormones that actually support a pregnancy. At the same time that the ovary is going throughits phases, the endometrium, the lining of the uterus, is doing its own thing as well.And it too goes through three phases. The first phase is menstruation, when you'vegot a period.

The second phase is what we call the proliferativephase, when there is the growth of the lining of the uterus. And then there is the secretory phase, whichis when there's active activity to help that lining become very receptive to a pregnancy. Knowing the menstrual cycle and the phasesthat are involved means that you'll have a lot more knowledge, and hence power, to fallpregnant. You'll be able to actually have sex at the right time to maximize your chancesof falling pregnant.

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