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My Period is a Week Late Am I Pregnant

My period is a week late! Am I pregnant? Have you been under a lot of stress lately?Do you normally have regular periods that come on time? I don't think I have been under any more stressthan usual. Plus, Aunt Flo usually shows up like clockwork every month. Sounds like you are most likely pregnant,have you taken a pregnancy test yet? I took one this morning, hoping that I wasgoing to get a big fat positive. Unfortunately, I got a whole lot of nothing.

Don't fret too much yet. It is possible youhad a false negative. I don't want to get my hopes up too much,and be even more disappointed when my period starts. What are some other reasons why myperiod would be a week late, besides pregnancy? If you just recently switched things up, thatcould certainly screw with your cycle. Also, did you change your diet or start a new exerciseregime? I have been trying to lose a few pounds. Doyou really think diet and exercise make that big of a difference? They can if it is causing stress on the body.Also, if you have been on antibiotics or have

recently been sick you may still be recovering. I have been pretty healthy. This is stilla total mystery to me. Are you are having any other signs or symptomsof early pregnancy? What would those be? Sore breasts, nausea, having to pee a lot.However, not everyone experiences all of these, even if they are pregnant. What should I do? Take another pregnancy test tomorrow withyour first morning urine. That is when the

pregnancy hormone levels would be the strongest. And if the pregnancy test is still negative? Wait a few days, and if your period stillhas not shown up, visit a and get a blood test. The suspense is killing me! Waiting is byfar the hardest part of this whole situation.

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