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Is Soy Bad For Men

hey guys Paul here from UltimateFatBurner hereand today we're going to answer the question, is soy bad for men? You mayhave heard that it is and you may have heard that it is not today I'm going tocompletely eliminate the confusion surrounding soy consumption for men.hang in there I'll be back in just 10 short seconds ok so let's get down to the nitty in thegritty and address the question once and for all is soy bad for men? Well the reasonwhy we're even asking this question is

because soy contains something calledphytoestrogens now phytoestrogens our plant compounds capable of mimickinghuman estrogen the female hormone and it just so happens that soy is an excellentsource of several phytoestrogens now these phytoestrogens are also largelyresponsible for many of the benefits we always hear about soy like reductions inLDL cholesterol for example and improvements in bone mineral density andwell other things like reductions in breast cancer and prostate cancer risks unfortunately there may be some downsideto soy consumption as well but the one

that concerns us in this case is thepotential for negative side effects in men specifically side effects related tolevels of reproductive hormones right like testosterone and spermconcentration now is this something that men really need to be concerned about well here's where it gets kind ofinteresting well there are studies that demonstrate so I does have a negativeeffect in this regard there are also studies and all linked to our of you inthe description below so you can check

these all over yourself that do not showthis effect in fact one of the last studies that I review before recordingthis tutorial concluded this data does not supportconcerns about effects on reproductive hormones and semen quality so where isthat really leave it is so bad for men has a really bad well the bottom line isthis although there's some potential for harmful effects the proof is underwhelming andcontradictory at this time and so I truths of course had been eaten safelyby people for centuries upon centuries

now what about all the strongly negativeor positive stuff that you read online because it's up there I know it's outthere I've seen it myself you may be confused about the safety andso I because you've read strongly negative reviews or maybe you've readstrongly positive reviews or strong comments and testimonials are one way orthe other the problem is that you can present anargument for either side of this debate if you want to cherry pick the aldata you percent in your argument I can argue that soy consumption is bad formen but I can only make that argument if

I'm willing to ignore the al datathat contradicts that conclusion ok so is there a real bottom line on thesly consumption for men has that isn't that helpful is well I think the risk ifthere's a concern about soy its most likely dose dependent in other wordsit's the dose that makes the poison while what do I mean by that well think of it this way am i concernedabout having the occasional soybased shaker protein bar or eating some tofuonce in awhile now it wouldn't concern me one bit and I do all those thingsoccasionally on the other hand when I

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