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Reproductive System part 1 Female Reproductive System Crash Course AP 40

Maybe you've noticed that every time wetalk about a new system, we highlight its importance by saying how you'd die withoutit. Like, without your muscular and skeletal systemsyou'd collapse into an inert bag of goo. Or how if we magically removed your respiratoryor circulatory system, you'd die in a couple of minutes ‘cause your cells wouldn'thave oxygen. That's because most of our bodies' systemsare just trying to keep us alive, minute to minute. But one of those systems doesn't really care ifyou live or die. At least, not until it's done its job. It's how every living thing gets its start,but it doesn't really kick in until puberty,

and even then it's more concerned aboutinvesting in the future than keeping you alive. When it comes to your reproductive system,it's not concerned about you, so much as it is about your alleles, your genetic code,and the future of the human species. Which are no small stakes. This system includes our primary, internalsex organs, the gonads like testes and ovaries the various sex hormones they secrete,and the gametes the sperm and eggs they produce. It also includes the glands, ducts, externalgenitalia, and particular brain parts that help the gonads and gametes do what they need to do, whichbasically is mate, combine alleles, and make babies.

Now, all animals have their own particularand fascinating anatomical methods for getting their gametes together, and we could do awhole course just on that, and never run out of material, and let me tell you, I wouldlike to do that. But while we may seem kinda tame comparedto animals that turn bright red, bite off penises, or starve themselves for a chanceto breed, our systems are still plenty complex. In fact, it's gonna take most of the monthto get through all our various anatomical parts and hormones, and explain how sexy time,fertilization, pregnancy, and development work, starting today with the female anatomy.

And remember, this is nothing to be shy about when we're talking about sex, we're talking about the future of humanity. So, when we talk about sex, we're talkingabout spreading our alleles around. But when we visualize sex, what most of what we pictureare our anatomies. Who has what. And what goes where. In an anatomical female, that involves thevulva, which includes the mons pubis over the pubic bone, and labia majora and labiaminora — the elongated skin folds that surround the vestibule, which contains both the urethraland vaginal openings.

Beyond that is the vagina, which I'm sureyou know is how menstrual blood and babies leave the body, and how sperm gets in. But, as much as we tend to put all the focuson the bathingsuit parts, those are only the genitalia the external sexual organs. And they're really just a means of gettinggametes together. Reproductively speaking, they're the least important parts of thesystem. The ground control of the female reproductiveanatomy the place where the orders are given are of course the ovaries. Their main job is

to produce and release female gametes and sexhormones like estrogen and progesterone. You'll remember from biology that gametesare haploid cells, meaning that they only have one set of chromosomes, and are formedby meiosis. When a sperm fuses with an egg, they makea diploid cell, which has all the genetic instructions required to make a baby. Andpretty much everything about how our reproductive systems work is designed to make that happen. Each ovary lives inside a fibrous sac thatconsists of a layer of connective tissue called the tunica albuginea, and another layer ofcuboidal epithelial cells called the germinal

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