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gt;gt; DEBORAH DUNCAN: is a dream that come truebut now but now because of huge medical breakthroughs, more and more couples are able to conceive. Please welcome back to the show StephanKrotz with Advanced Fertility Center of Texas andhis patient Paula Barton who is in our audience with us this morning. Clark, we're hearing so much more aboutwomen having fertility issues is it because we have more problems todayor we're able to identify more problems today

and plus we're having children later. gt;gt; DR. KROTZ: I think it's a combinationreally of both. One of the biggest things that affect fertilitynow, which wasn't much of an affect earlier, is that women are waiting longer to have theirchildren and a lot of that has to do with women wantingto have careers and get everything established. And actuallya lot of careers now require more education so women are waiting longer to have children.

gt;gt; DEBORAH DUNCAN: Yeah, all kinds of reasonswhy they might not be able to conceive. Endometriosis is pretty common. Tell us what that is and how it affects fertility. gt;gt; DR. KROTZ: Well endometriosis is when thelining of the uterus actually spills out of the uterus out of thetubes and then starts to grow into the pelvic cavity. And how this can affect fertility is thatall the lining that's growing now in the pelvis

causes a lot of inflammation and can scartubes and damage the ovaries and also cause problemsfor the sperm to meet the egg. gt;gt; DEBORAH DUNCAN: OK. Paula when did youfirst realize that you all were having problems conceiving? gt;gt; PAULA BARTON: Well we've been marriedtwelve years and so it took about we've been trying for eight years. So, thefirst time we tried IVF they found the endometriosis. And so, we hadsurgery. gt;gt; DEBORAH DUNCAN: It's really tough becausea lot of times women we just assume it's

natural we're going to have a child. We spend apart of our life trying not to get pregnant and then you're like, now we're ready I found my soul mate andthe whole bit and now we're ready and get's really frustrating when it doesn'tjust happen. Tell us a little about that journey. gt;gt; PAULA BARTON: Yes, the first time we triedIVF it was unsuccessful. So of course that was devastating.

And then I had surgery and I had to recoverfrom the surgery and we tried a second time and it was unsuccessfulagain. And the third time finally worked and so it was probably a three year process. gt;gt; DEBORAH DUNCAN: And Krotz, it's nota perfect science, but what you have to identify there's likea checklist of all kinds of things we talked about earlier. It could even be that someone's hormonesare off,

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