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Do I Have Endometriosis Symptoms

Do I have endometriosis symptoms? Are you certain that you aren't just havingreally bad PMS? I have severe pain during my period. Not all women with endometriosis have severepain. Though if you do have endometriosis, you could have pain not just during your periodbut when you go to the bathroom. That doesn't make sense. When you have endometriosis, the lining ofthe uterus has expanded beyond where it is supposed to. When it expands into the intestines,stomach and other organs, you could have bloating,

diarrhea, constipation and digestive problemsduring your period. That sounds like irritable bowel syndrome. For women with digestive symptoms along withendometriosis, they are often misdiagnosed with IBS. Or they are diagnosed with pelvicinflammatory disease. I've heard of people only diagnosed whenthey can't get pregnant. But they really want to get pregnant, because that is a ninemonth reprieve from their symptoms. Women with endometriosis are less fertilethan average, but they typically have normal pregnancies.

Can you have endometriosis and not know it? You could be misdiagnosed, especially forwomen who have both IBS and endometriosis. And some women have endometriosis and no obvioussymptoms. How would a know you have endometriosis? The only certain way is to have a laparoscopyand study the tissue sample. If I'm having endometriosis, I wish therewas a way to reduce the severity. The symptoms worsen with higher estrogen levels,and you can keep those lower with regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight andnot overdoing alcohol. Some women use birth

control pills to mediate the hormone levels. Though it does prevent pregnancy, which isa nine month reprieve. That solution lasts even longer if you breastfeedexclusively for a few months. I need to talk to my . I've got agut feeling about this. That's a symptom of endometriosis. I didn't mean literally.

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