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Recurrent Miscarriages caused by Adrenal Fatigue

Recurrent miscarriages during the first trimesteris a classic, classic sign of adrenal fatigue. This is Lam, founder of DrLam . We deal with many people like that, they have3, 4, 5, 6, 7 miscarriages or more, and usually s don't pay attention to why. Let usexamine this more closely. When you have adrenal fatigue, reproduction is not the top priorityas far as the body is concerned, so often times low libido and missed periods are common,but if you want to get pregnant despite what the body is telling you and you are fortunateenough to be pregnant and you are able to go through the implantation, then the nextchallenge is how to have the womb stick and

adhere to uterine wall without it coming off. In the first trimester is where this happens.The first trimester is a critical time for implantation to be successful and secure.The hormone that is responsible for doing this is called progesterone. Now, in the caseof adrenal fatigue the progesterone tends to be low relative to estrogen, and so, theamount of progesterone even though the level may be absolutely normal on a laboratory test on the relative basis as far as the body's needs are concerned it is insufficient. The body usually carries out the increasedprogesterone output automatically, it is something

the body will do in the first trimester. Infact, the progesterone will start to rise and after twelve weeks it will level off.The problem is if the rise is not normal, and it just kinda puddled around like this,then you are not going to have enough progesterone in the system. Without progesterone in sufficient quantitythen the womb will not stick, and if the womb does not stick then a miscarriage will oftentimesoccur. This we find usually happens between week six and week twelve in the first trimesterand is very classic. Now OB s who are very astute to this will give extra progesteroneto nurture the womb.

Now, this is something that should be doneif you have miscarriages on a recurrent basis, but the underlying problem is not solved becauseyou can get by with the first trimester and get the progesterone up but eventually, evenafter the delivery, let's say that a person is fortunate enough to have it go through,then you can get into additional problems such as postpartum slumps and crashes becauseultimately if the body doesn't have enough reserve then it is going to shut down andit is not going to be able to sustain the fetus; and even after delivery the baby maybe okay, but the mother will suffer tremendously. We have a lot of cases where, aside from thefirst trimester miscarriages, they already

come in with a history of frequent infertilizationepisodes in their past, PMS, endometriosis, and when they are successful even in theirfirst trimester and lucky enough not to get a miscarriage they have difficult pregnancies;and sometimes they have a normal pregnancy if they are fortunate, but you can have postpartumissues. So, the issue of first trimester miscarriagesis really not about first trimester miscarriage, it is really about the body trying to tellus what is going on and, in this case, it is telling us that it does not want a baby,not because the baby is not healthy sometimes, because yes certainly that can happen, butoverall the body doesn't feel that it is ready

to have the baby on board and it takes a lotof preparation to get ready; and the body, when it is not ready, will simply let thebaby go. So this is the take home lesson; the symptoms,the history speaks for itself. Pay attention don't just brush it off as nothing. It isan unfortunate event, the body is very smart, respect it, if it gives you a miscarriagethere are reasons, so look out for it. Fortify the adrenals but don't overstimulate becauseif you overstimulate the body it can create another set of problems but understand thatfirst trimester miscarriage is not something to be passed over. You need to pay attention.

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