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Brown Mucus Discharge During Pregnancy

If I see brown mucus discharge during pregnancy,do I need to be worried? If you are pregnant and worried, you oughtto see a . I don't want to go rushing to the and incur his annoyance or his copay for nothing major. What causes it? Brown usually means old, dried blood. Oh, gross. You're the one asking about bodily excretionshere. How do you think I feel? What do you think it is?

If you're early in the pregnancy, it mightjust be residue of the last period you didn't have. Or you could have had the embryo implant. I'm farther along than that. If you and the baby's Daddy are still havingsex, you could have created tears in the cervix. Then you'll see a little blood with themucus. Do I need to worry about that? He may not even have eyes yet. He certainlywon't see the organ that made him. I meant the discharge.

Unless there is a lot of red blood, no. Andvaginal discharge tends to clear things out, reducing the risk of infection. I'm over half way through the pregnancy.I wondered if I was miscarrying. You would expect to feel pain along with thedischarge if you were having a miscarriage. However, if the placenta is separating orreally low, you could have traces of blood mixed with mucus. Placenta separation is life threatening. Yes, when you get enough blood loss to threatenyour health and that of the baby. But you'll

either have a lot more blood or pain to indicatethe severity. Could it be a sign I'm in labor? It might be an early sign. Especially if themucus plug comes out. Oh, gross. You're about to have a newborn with poopof many colors, spit up, snot, vomit, pee and everything else. Get over it!.

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