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English Vocabulary Having a BABY

Hi. Welcome back to engvid .I'm Adam. Today's lesson is a special one. We're going to talk about having a baby.Everybody loves babies, everybody wants to know: How does this happen? Well, maybe not howit happens, but what happens along the way. So, we're going to talk about having a baby, we'regoing to talk from the beginning right till you're ready to take the baby home. So, what happens first? You quot;conceivequot; a baby.quot;Conceivequot; is the verb. What happens is quot;conceptionquot;. At this stage, the quot;spermquot;, the male spermgoes into the female quot;eggquot;. Okay? You're on

a vacation somewhere, you don't. You know,you're having fun on your anniversary, you're celebrating, and you conceive a baby.It happens. A cold winter night, toocold to go outside, nothing on TV, youdon't know what to do you conceive a baby. Ithappens this way, too. So, most people don't know when they conceivetheir baby, but they know roughly when. Eventually, the woman will miss her period,you know, which happens every month, and then she will take a pregnancy test with one ofthose sticks, or she will go to the ,

and she will find up. Findout that she was quot;knocked upquot;. quot;Knocked upquot; is a very slang expression to mean pregnant. Or, you couldsay: quot;She has a bun in the oven.quot; Okay? So, these are two idioms,slang, for quot;pregnantquot;. So, the woman is pregnant, what happens next?So, now, she has. She goes to the . The , by the way, is the quot;OBGYNquot; forshort. quot;OBGYN, that's what most people say.quot; The quot;OBquot; is the obstetrician; the GYN is thegynecologist. These are female s. Not. The s themselves are not necessarilyfemale. They're s for women. Okay? The

obstetrician is the onewho delivers the baby; the gynecologist is the onewho checks the woman's body, makes sure everything's okay, the baby'sokay, the woman's okay, everything is set to go. After the visit to the ,you will. The woman will get, or the couple will get a quot;due datequot;. So, the baby is due,generally, roughly nine months later. Okay? Nine months later, the woman will quot;give birthquot;to the baby, or she will quot;deliverquot; the baby. Just before that happens, she will quot;go intolabourquot;. So, all of these. All these expressions are basically the same time. She goes intolabour. I forgot to mention a word, here.

She has quot;contractionsquot;. This is when she feels that pain inthe stomach or wherever it happens, that it's very quick, very sharp pain. Itcomes, it goes. The closer the contractions, the closer she isto giving birth. So, she goes into the.Into labour, she goes to the , and that's where theOBGYN will help deliver the baby. Now, over the course of the ninemonths, there are three quot;trimestersquot;. Now, this might sound familiar. Maybe you knowquot;semesterquot; from high school, you have semesters;

one's fall semester, wintersemester, and then summer vacation. In a pregnancy, youhave a quot;trimesterquot;, so about three months, three months, threemonths. During that time, the. The sperm and the egg, basically they come together,and then they start developing. The first stage is called a quot;zygotequot;, the baby or the zygote is,like, tiny, tiny. Then it becomes an quot;embryoquot;, this is another stage of the development process.Then it becomes a quot;fetusquot;, another stage. And finally, it comesout as a quot;babyquot;. Okay. So, now, the OBGYN will have to help deliverthe baby. It could be a quot;natural birthquot;, and

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